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13 Aug

An interactive card has some kind of mechanism that requires the recipient to "interact" with the card in order to make the mechanism work.  This kind of cards are always very well received and fun for the recipient.  In most cases when the card is opened it triggers some kind of movement, but there are plenty of different kinds of interactive cards. Here are examples of just a few.

  • SHAKER CARD- Shaker cards have a clear window which is filled with anything fun like sequins, sprinkles, and pompoms. Shaking the card will make the filling move and make noise.Shaker cards have a clear window which is filled with anything fun.
  • BARN DOOR CARD-Another easy and fun card depicts a barn door that actually slides to reveal a sentiment. Very clever but quite easy to make.
  • REVEAL WHEEL CARD- This type of cards take a little longer to make as they have a few parts that need to be put together.  The card usually has a theme and when the recipient moves the wheel sentiments related to the theme are revealed one after the other.  This type of cards tend to interest the recipients a lot because of the anticipation on what is going to be revealed.
  • PULL TAB CARDS- There is a big variety of pull tab cards but basically they consist of a tab that is pulled by the recipient that in turn will make some element in the card be moved or revealed. They can be lots of fun as the possibilities are limitless.

These are the most common interactive cards. Stay tuned for a future blog post on more intrinsic but amazing interactive cards!

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