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27 Jan

I have seen this question posted a million times in all kinds of social media sites, so I am going to attempt to give it my best answer! Honestly,.....................................BOTH!

That is correct, there is its use for each in the papercrafting world. What do I mean? Well, let me show you!

  1. Stenciling- When workings with stencils I have found that my inks blend through the nooks and crannies easier when using a blending brush therefore giving me a  more crisp image of my stencil. As you can see on my image below on the right side I used the blending tool, on the left Tim Holtz's blending brush (one of my favs!!

2. Making a border- Now if what you want to ink is a paper border, that is another story :) I find it that a blending tool works faster and is more efficient giving it a sharper deeper look to your edge.

3. Lastly if you are trying to blend in the middle of your paper the winner without a doubt is the blending brush as it will not leave those ugly looking round edges that the tool sometimes do. I know we all try but I have to admit I am not a master on blending so more than often those show up on my work and they are so hard to hide!!

I hope this little tidbit helps you create beautiful work!!

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